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IFM Services
Rather than working though complex supply chains which only duplicate management levels, we provide all of our services through our own teams.
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MEP Services
MEP services represent a significant cost factor on any project. So it is essential to provide a fully integrated design solution that is delivered on time, within budget and embraces the suitable technologies.
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Fire prevention and control Services
The importance of increasing public understanding of the causes of fire and of learning effective reactions in the event of fire is essential to a successful fire-prevention program.
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HVAC (Operation & Maintenance) Services
Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning Controls temperature, humidity and air quality inside a building. Especially important in medium to large buildings such as office/residential towers.
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Civil, Interiors and Furniture
We at CIS offers diverse construction services, including, but not limited to: heavy civil construction & infrastructure, general contracting, commercial and industrial facilities construction, site improvement & utilities projects, rehabilitation, turnkey construction of commercial, institutional & federal buildings.
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Liaisoning Services
We are one of the trustworthy firms, involved in offering a wide gamut of Liaison Services to our clients. Our professionals make genuine efforts to provide this service within the promised set of time span.
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